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  • March 30, 2022

In contrast, companies such as Tata Steel Ltd. and Reliance Industries Ltd. were established under the Company Law, i.e., The Companies Act 1956, which is being replaced by the Companies Act, 2013. Legally, a company is an association of natural and artificial persons established under the laws of a country. Furthermore, a company is an artificial person created by law. Companies are called legal persons because they can enter into a separate contract, or they can possess properties in their own name, sue and get sued by the other parties, etc. So many different features a company possesses in the whole process.

The company must send its name to the Registrar of Companies for its approval. It can get its name approved by reserving the name in the company registration form (SPICe+). However, the company must choose a unique name that does not resemble any other company’s name. If the company’s name resembles another registered company name, the ROC will reject the registration application. There must be a minimum number of two members or shareholders before applying for registration of the company. A private company does not have to maintain an index of its members as per the Act.

A company is a voluntary association formed by an individual or group of individuals. Most companies are formed with the motive of profit-making except the Section 8 companies . Profit earned is divided among the shareholders or saved for the future expansion of the company. Seller of a piece of land sought to evade specific performance of a contract for the sale of the land by conveying the land to a company which he formed for the purpose. Initially the company was formed by third parties, and the vendor purchased the whole of its shares from them, had the shares registered in the name of himself and a nominee, and had himself and the nominee appointed directors.

Characteristics of a Company Meeting:

It is a subsidiary of such a company which is itself subsidiary of any other company. It may give loan to directors without obtaining consent or approval of the Central Government. In India such companies are registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956.

Accordingly, ‘L’ was an employee of the company and, therefore, entitled to compensation claim. Although the word ‘company’ is colloquially applied to both, the statute regards companies and company law as distinct from partnerships and partnership law. Partnership Law in India is codified in the Partnership Act, 1932 and Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008.

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The object of this section is to ensure that the Board meetings are held at reasonably frequent intervals so that the directors may be in touch with the management of the affairs of the company. The Board of Directors has to call Annual General Meeting giving 21 days notice to all the members entitled to attend the meeting. However, such a meeting may be called with shorter notice, if it is agreed to by all the members to vote in the meeting. As per Rule 77 of ‘Table A’, the board of directors may delegate their works to a Committee which may have only one member. When the meeting of such Committee will be held, only one member will be present and he alone will constitute a valid meeting. In the case of Sharp vs. Dawes , the meeting is defined as An assembly of people for a lawful purpose or the coming together of at least two persons for any lawful purpose.

In case of Specified IFSC Private & Public Company, then to hold first board meeting within 60 days of incorporation and then hold one meeting in each half of calendar year. A company can enter into a contract to conduct business on its behalf. Since the company is not the trustee of its shareholders, the shareholders cannot enforce the contracts entered into by the company because he is neither a party to the contract nor entitled to any benefit from it. In the case of Abdul Haq v. Das Mal , Das Mal was an employee of the company and was not paid for several months, so he sued the director.

  • Any member of the company can request to NCLT for calling AGM.
  • A Company may hold its first AGM inside the interval of 9 months from closing of its first monetary yr otherwise in other instances inside the interval of 6 months.
  • It should be noted that the Act even allows a company to be formed and registered for the promotion of commerce, art, science, sports, religion or charity, etc., for purposes other than profit making.
  • There must be a minimum number of two directors for registering a private limited company.

In simple words, a company is a business organization formed by an individual or group of individuals who work jointly to achieve a common goal or objective. 4.1Liability for ultra vires Acts– Directors and other officers of a company will be personally liable for all those acts which they have done on behalf of a company if the same are ultra vires the company. In case of companies limited by guarantee, the liability of each member shall be determined by the guarantee amount, i.e.,he shall be liable to contribute up to the amount guaranteed by him. One of the principal advantages of trading through the medium of a limited company is that the members of the company are only liable to contribute towards payment of its debts to a limited extent. Where a decree has been issued by the Court in respect of sums due against a company, the same cannot be enforced against its managing director – In H.S. Sidana v. Rajesh Enterprises 77 Comp. Thus, a company can own property and deal with it the way it pleases.

What shows that a company has a legal personality?

The AGM ensures the interest of the shareholders are protected. In this text, we take a look at the process for conducting an AGM and recording the same. An Extraordinary General Meeting is any meeting other than an Annual General Meeting . The administrators might call common conferences after they wish andmust call a meeting of members holding one-tenth of the voting shares or one-tenth of the voting rights request one (sec303 – sec304).

A private company restricts the right of transfer of its shares. The shares of a private company are not as freely transferable as those of public companies. The articles generally state that whenever a shareholder of a Private company wants to transfer his shares, he must first offer them to the existing members of the company. It is done so as to preserve the family nature of the company’s shareholders. Its members are its owners but they can be its creditors simultaneously as it has separate legal entity.

the characteristics of a company meeting are

Considering the importance of annual general meeting to shareholders it has been held that the directors must name the meeting even though the accounts usually are not ready or the company is not functioning. An annual basic meeting is a compulsory annual meeting of an organization’s executives, directors, and interested shareholders. Meeting of members ought to be held to take members approval on some enterprise issues. To transact odd business and the special enterprise of the corporate, the annual basic meeting is held by the board, whereas particular business is discussed in the extraordinary common assembly. The directors are required to prepare and send a report called the ‘Statutory Report’ to each member of the corporate no less than 21 days before the date of the assembly. If the report is distributed later it shall be deemed to have been duly forwarded if it is so agreed to by a unanimous vote of the members entitled to attend and vote on the meeting [Sec.

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Members, even as a whole, neither are the owners of the company’s undertakings nor are they responsible for their debts. In other words, shareholders are obliged to pay the balance due on their holdings when called upon , even if the company’s liabilities far exceed its assets. A legally established company has a corporate personality, conducts transactions in its own name, has its own seal, and its assets are separate from those of its members. Therefore, it can own property, incur debts, borrow money, have bank accounts, hire people, enter into different contracts, and sue or be sued in the same manner as individuals. Its members are its owners, but they can also be its creditors.

The directors of a railway company which had fully exhausted its borrowing powers advertised for money to be lent on the security of debentures, ‘W’ lent £500 upon the faith of advertisement and received a debenture. Wednesday, Live Law reported that a Kerala court ruled that the Indian Penal Code Section 354, … The rules and regulations entered in trust deed relate to the notice of the meeting, appointment of a Chairman of the meeting, passing the resolutions, quorum of strips stands for the meeting and the writing and signing of minutes. A notice of 21 days has to be given to members indicating the nature and particulars of the resolutions to be discussed. The special resolutions passed at Extraordinary General Meeting have to be filed with the Registrar within 15 days. The names, addresses and occupations of its directors and auditors and also of its manager and’ secretary, if any, and the changes which have occurred since the date of the incorporation.

  • In the case of a company limited by guarantee, the liability of each member shall be 1determined by the guaranteed amount and held liable for paying the same.
  • This quantity is calculated in spite of everything financial statements are recorded.
  • It did no business, but was created simply as a legal entity to ostensibly receive the dividends and interest and to hand them over to the assessee as pretended loans.
  • Companies are called legal persons because they can enter into a separate contract, or they can possess properties in their own name, sue and get sued by the other parties, etc.

However, the first AGM of an organization may be held at any date, within a interval of 18 months, since the date of incorporation of the corporate. Annual common meetings help members understand the corporate’s fee of progress and potential for enchancment. Every Company, other than One Person Company , must hold a general meeting in each year apart from other meetings as Annual General Meeting . The AGM must be held within six months from the closing date of financial year. Lord Justice Lindley defined the company as “an association of any person who contributes money or its worth towards common stock and employ it in some trade or business and who share the profit or loss arising thereof.

Separate legal entity.

Annual General Meeting , as its name suggests, is the company’s yearly occasion, whereby members have a chance to speak about firm’s efficiency, profitability and everyday actions. Every state requires public firms integrated inside it to carry an annual common meeting of shareholders to elect the Board of Directors and transact different enterprise that requires shareholder approval. Notice of the annual basic meeting should be in writing and is topic to a minimum notice interval that varies by state. Section 186 of the Companies Act empowers the Company Law Board to call only extraordinary basic meeting and never the annual basic assembly of the company. If no such meeting is convened within 21 days of their requisition, shareholders could themselves convene the assembly inside three months from the date of their requisition. The Board of Directors has to name Annual General Meeting giving 21 days discover to all of the members entitled to attend the meeting.

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In the absence of quorum the proceedings of the company cannot be started. The assembly of persons must be for discussion and transaction of some lawful business. Kishore, A concurrence or coming together of at least a quorum of members by previous notice or mutual agreement for transaction business for a common interest is meeting. A company meeting may be defined as a concurrence or coming together of at least a quorum of members in order to transact either ordinary or special business of the company.

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